Complete, Prolific House Renovations in Edgware—Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, All

Worxzone specialises in renovating full-scale properties in minimum time with remarkable results.

Renovations could bring quite intense feelings when you think about it. Whether you need partial or complete renovating of a kitchen, bathroom, or whole house, depends on various factors.

Might be a new baby is on the way and a big change is required. You need an extra room, why not opt to renovate the garage. Also, you would desire something aesthetic and functional with the existing systems and structures.

If things are in the phase of thoughts only, you would not mind considering a professional renovator for suggestions and a little deep understanding of cost, space, and materials. Worxzone is a building and refurbishment provider, and our services include house renovation in Edgware.

House renovation is planning and executing a perfect remodel structure for the existing place. It could include plumbing, electrical installations, and demolition, and building partitions.

We understand it is a dream of every homeowner to live in a home where privacy, distractions are at a distance while performing diverse activities.

Contact us for any type of house renovation you have in mind. We are quick to respond to a discussion on your project, a licensed contractor to perform various activities such as electrical and plumbing, and provide a fast turnaround with excellent job finish.

Worxzone also works on multiple projects at the same time. You might need a simultaneous kitchen and bathroom overhaul. With us, you can cut back on the stress, and save time and money. Our team of experts will revamp both spaces for a more functional and efficient experience.

If you are ready to experience the finest in the renovation industry, our house renovation in Edgware service will surely surpass your expectations. We assist you in achieving your goal by offering the best in business with new ideas to the table.

Pick up your phone and call 020 3880 5886, or drop an email at info@worxzone.co.uk for a free consultation and obligation-less quote. 

We design, create, and build as experts in the industry—seamlessly blending old and new architecture with the latest technologies, materials, and finishes with no comprise on creative and smart space planning. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Let’s create a stunning, contemporary, and glorious kitchen as per your lifestyle with new units and doors. Be your bathroom in any property, we will install and build perfect lighting and decor as well as floors and ceilings. Read more.

Loft & Basement Renovations

Use the dumping area and let’s convert your loft or basement into a whole new space with extended space, extra rooms, bathrooms, and toilets. Tell us, what’s your conversion idea: studio, music room, office, or writing space? Read more.

Bedroom & Livingroom Renovations

Places of relaxation and rest are most intimate in your home. Revamp with perfection and tailored intricate details. We do remodel, furniture, lighting, and paintwork for the right and comforting ambiance. Read more.


With A Multi-Disciplinary Team, Expect:

  • Beautiful Remodels—Expert architectural designers, interior designers, reputed builders, and project managers. 
  • Right Home for Your Lifestyle—Experience the presence of certified surveyors, interior design consultants, construction material experts, and structural engineers. 

Smooth Transition from Concept to Completion

  • Multiple Architectural Drawings Discussion
  • Suitable and Selected Planning Applications
  • Complete Building Control 
  • Detailed CAD/3D Architectural Designs

Why Choose Us?

  • Family Owned

Worxzone, a family-owned construction, and maintenance company serving customers in London areas for 20 years and counting: Hackney, Newham, Redbridge, Dagenham, and Barking. 

  • Fast Turnaround Timing

We provide faster planning, designing, and construction processes with a ready-to-go attitude with seamless dedication and a highly-experienced team. 

  • Free Quotes—No Upfront Payments

Pay us once you see your place turning afresh while work is under process so far—free quotes available, including no-cost consultation.  

  • Warranties & Guarantees

Worxzone offers a guarantee on structural works carried out for you, and warranties on installed fixtures and conversion space materials. 

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Our Feature Projects


How Worxzone Team Works—The Three-Step Completion Overlook Here.

  • Step I—Planning and Designing

Here, we will offer a free site visit and consultation, either at your home or office space. At this initial stage, we will understand your goals, ideas, and demands to design and construct the ideal space you desire. 

After contacting us, wait for an expert surveyor to assess your property and discuss things briefly about the whole project.

Then, we will begin with design and schematics. Here, your ideas and requirements take place in a virtual space. The sample architectural designs and schematics will offer you a picture of your space after completion. 

Also, we will discuss and present approx. estimate, including a promise to remodel your space as per your instructions.   

Now, our assigned project manager, builder, and designer to your project will handle the further processes, such as structural designs, calculations, and creating a practical blueprint of your new space. After your approval, we will begin construction, and ensure that the project will complete in the scheduled time frame. 

  • Step II—Materials and Construction

The second step involves the selection of construction materials, fixtures, and the inclusion of any improvement you may see fit in the project. With a team of over 20 plus years’ experience, you will have high-quality materials and products used in your project. 

Here, we prefer to include excavation, removal of spoil, unusable concrete, steelworks, and other settlements to fit the approved structural design. 

We do not let our customers worry about waste laying around or damaging other parts of a place, as professionals and experts, we work to please our customers.

  • Step III—Final Fit-Out and Handing-Over 

Now, the construction is almost finishing up. We will begin giving the final touches to make your unfinished house become a home, and let your personality traits reflect in the space being constructed carefully. 

Choose your bespoke furniture, custom-built products, and best-in-style interior decorations to make this newly constructed space uniquely yours. Browse furniture range to establish bespoke fitting and design to make your space your own. We can suggest premium dealers and distributors here. 

For flooring, select a premium underfloor heating system to touch of finest wood application. And then lighting, it’s the modern world, why shy away from mood lighting, make your space reflect your style. 

As a professional game-streamer, you would prefer the installation of colourful LEDs—comfortable and light on the eyes.

Have you decided to hire experts for your house renovation in Edgware? If yes, contact us for a free consultation, the best way to have your perfect space, and a no-cost estimate for the whole project’s completion. 

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